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Stream is the nature of facilitate that can be coordinated into a day to day existence to give it the look and feel of practically easy accomplishment. It's not as slippery as it might appear. We as a whole know individuals who experience life pulling in many chances; or the individuals who have a talent for being at the perfect spot at the perfect opportunity to interface with the correct individuals. 

These individuals appear to be bizarrely fortunate; life appears to support them yet in actuality they have transformed synchronicity and fascination into a propensity where a great many people experience them in arbitrary style. Our way of life has been customized to connect battle with boldness thus the inclination is to unwittingly pick battle over simplicity. 

This battle mindset approves the suppositions that life is a struggle and you need to endeavor to get make a decent living or to excel. It puts the under-achiever in slant while setting the elite achiever up for burnout. This battle mindset is an affliction that is sustained by both the ineffective and the effective. There is an excessive cost joined to progress that is adrenaline-based; there is this ceaseless strain to speed up, work more enthusiastically, hop higher, rest less, and accomplish more. This model of progress is exceptionally ugly, pricey, and is essentially a more fabulous type of disappointment. 

The superior achiever might be steady from the outset, yet in the long run as the consume strengthens, they start to ask themselves, "Is this all there will be?" There is a superior way that prompts achievement that can be accomplished and continued without excised other significant parts of yourself and your life. 

Steven Lane Taylor, writer of the book Row, Row, Row Your Boat; A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow", proposes that we can purposefully take advantage of the progression of life's generous energy. At the point when we do, we start to move tenderly toward our objectives as opposed to hustling past them like an Olympic sprinter being pursued by a group of scared elephants. The superior achiever is regularly the person who is most in danger in getting caught in the work harder, quicker, longer worldview. 

In Steven's book, he utilizes the tune "Line, Row, Row Your Boat" to give a basic model to opening the secret of stream.

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